Themenmodule des Geschichtsportals "Die Ukraine und Deutschland im 20. Jahrhundert"

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German-Ukrainian Historical Commission | 2022

Teaching modules of the history portal "Ukraine and Germany in the 20th Century
ТЕМАТИЧНІ РОЗДІЛІ: Історичний портал «Україна і Німеччина у 20-му столітті»

The history portal offers information and interpretations on the history of Ukraine and German-Ukrainian history in five thematic focuses. This portal is about offering a broad orientation knowledge that allows for a better understanding of the history of Ukrainian-German relations in the 20th century. Teachers, pupils, students and the general public thus receive a reliable and up-to-date knowledge resource that is an essential reference medium and modern source of information for project days, for preparing papers and study trips, for group lessons or for journalistic work.

Each module is assigned several texts that give an overview of the different aspects of German-Ukrainian relations at the time.The thematic portal presents representations in the following thematic blocks:

- the First World War and the founding of the Ukrainian state
- Germany and Ukraine in the 1920s and 1930s
- the Second World War
- the Cold War
- Germany and the independent Ukraine

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