We would like to introduce you to our new digital infrastructure: The EFREC forum! You can register with a few clicks of the mouse and then you will be able to communicate directly with other EFREC members. Please note: In order to use the forum, you must be affiliated with an initiative that is active in bilateral or multilateral textbook research, curriculum revision or educational media production.

What are the benefits of the EFREC forum?

We have created a secure space, where your data is protected, and where those involved in bi- and multilateral textbook work can discuss current political, historical and didactic topics. In order to better meet the specific educational requirements of the individual regions, we have provided thematic and regional category recommendations. It is a space where participants can gather ideas for new projects or inform others of current activities. Members of the EFREC community can remain in contact with one another or find new cooperation partners – and all within a secure environment.

The forum will also be used to prepare for our conferences and workshops and to follow-up afterwards. This means that prior to planned meetings, initial thoughts can be posted on specific topics or interesting articles or links can be shared. There are always plenty of suggestions, tips and proposals after events, and the EFREC forum now provides a central digital space where such impulses can be brought together and where conversations can continue or, better still, where we can work together on project outlines.

We are certain that even more benefits will result once this online platform is used intensively and further needs are identified. Of course, in order for us all to reap these benefits, we need you to join in! We look forward to your active participation and would welcome any suggestions you may have for improvements or expansion.



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