What does EFREC provide?

EFREC produce a consolidated overview of the activities of state and civic initiatives in the field of textbook and curricula revision as well as educational media production in Europe and beyond. For this purpose the project team developed a questionnaire, which provides them with information about the type of organisations, fields of activity, methods and products, and their relevance to education policy.

The Reconciliation Forum also publishes relevant findings from these surveys and organises bi- and multilateral projects with its partners, as well as workshops and conferences relevant to curricula and educational media revision, which identify conflictual topics and discuss new ways to address such themes within curricula development and educational media production.

The Forum is designed to precisely coordinate activities of partner initiatives. To support the production of high-quality educational media that meet the latest didactic principles, EFREC also maintains close exchange with teachers and didacticians.

EFREC regularly publishes reports and policy briefs on the subject of bi- and multilateral curricula development and educational media production. EFREC also provides support in the application process for research stays, grants and third-party funding in the field of transnational cooperation. It offers grants for the development of joint project proposals and the implementation of EFREC projects.

EFREC increases the visibility of partners in the international cooperation environment. It also makes the results of bilateral and multilateral initiatives available for mutual use and archiving.

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