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Alice Straniero, Georgios Manoudakis; Documenta - Centre for dealing with the past | 2022

The project “Meeting Memories: Learning from the Past to Confront Dehumanization Today (MeMe)” wanted to remind European citizens of the politics of dehumanization and scapegoating happening during the 1930s and 1940s, and generate a reflection on similar patterns happening today. Its activities have been an opportunity to raise public awareness, make citizens more resilient and critical towards authoritarianism and populism and less prone to racism and radicalization, as well as engage in confronting distortions of historical facts about the suffering in concentration camps during World War II through public events, exhibitions, and educational work. The project started on September 2020 and ended on February 2023. It was coordinated by Documenta – Center for dealing with the past (Croatia), with the support of its national and international partners: Centar za informativnu dekontaminaciju mladih (Bosnia Herzegovina), Javna ustanova Spomen podrucje Jasenovac (Croatia), Stiftung Jugendgästehaus Dachau (Germany), Università degli Studi di Udine (Italy), Centar za primenjenu istoriju (Serbia), Socialna Akademija (Slovenia).

Meeting Memories included different online and in-person activities through the years, including conferences, webinars on the relationship between art and Holocaust education, training for teachers and youth workers, and the organization and opening of exhibitions. In the booklet, you can find suggested methods and activities for youth and students, as well as suggestions and recommendations on the project’s topics.

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