Documenta - Centre for dealing with the past

Since its establishment Documenta contributes to the development of individual and social process of dealing with the past, in order to build sustainable peace in Croatia and the region by deepening the dialogue and initiating a public debate on public policies that encourage dealing with the past, collecting data, publishing research on war events, war crimes and violations of human rights.

Documenta's educational and youth work department is producing different teaching materials, such as: toolkits with various innovative methods and materials on how to work with the topics the organization is dealing with; audio-visual materials that can be used in formal and non-formal education, guides and other publications, focusing on the local history of selected cities of historical locations.

In order to achieve its goals, Documenta cooperates with its founding organizations, associations of families of the missing people, other civic initiatives, governmental institutions, international institutions and organizations, institutions of state and local government, academic institutions, religious groups, the media, and other interested individuals.





since 2005


Tena Banjeglav: tena.banjeglav(at)

Results of Activity



[The description of the activity, individual projects and products is based on the content of the Initiative's website.]



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