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«Պարադիգմա» կրթական հիմնադրամ 

Paradigma is an independent, non-partisan, and non-profit foundation that works to transform history education in Armenia since December 2018. The organization functions as a lab producing historical graphic novels histories, teacher guidebooks, gamified resources for students, podcasts, and research on history education. Paradigma has a board of advisors from the UCL Institute of Education (U.K.), a network of history and history education experts from 20+ leading international universities, and permanent and project-based staff.  In 2020 Paradigma published the first guidebook on active historical thinking strategies for teaching Armenian history in co-authorship with Prof. Arthur Chapman (University College of London). The Ministry of Education of Armenia has officially recommended the book and around seventy percent of history teachers reported its regular use in 2021. In partnership with UNICEF, Paradigma has produced the first hybrid resource pack on gender history in Armenia (History#5). History#5 contains a teachers’ guide with detailed lesson plans, thematic literature reviews, and 240 primary source cards with a comic-art design providing data for multi-perspective analysis. 





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