Didactic Manual: Tváře, místa, osudy: používáme aplikaci MemoGIS ve výuce

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Zuzana Schreiberová, Marie Smutná, The Terezín Initiative Institute | 2022

Faces, places, destinies: using MemoGIS in the classroom

The MemoGIS web application is a project with huge potential for use in education. Educators can use the application independently or take inspiration from this didactic manual, which provides four elaborated educational programmes that include work with the application. MemoGIS is a unique map reminding us of the last addresses and places incidents of persecution and segregation based on anti Jewish regulations. In this didactic guide you will find several ideas on how to use the app in the classroom. The whole concept of the educational program contained in the didactic is based on two key elements: the theory of public and the didactic method "Facing History and Ourselves: People make choices. Choises Make History".

Read the manual in the Czech language.

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