The Report on the Finnish-Estonian History Dialogue

Reetta Kallanne; Historians without Borders | 2024

Historians without Borders in Finland carried out the first ever Finnish-Estonian History Dialogue in the autumn. At the dialogue meeting held in Tallinn on 4-5 October 2023, five Estonian and five Finnish historians compared their countries' history and memory culture and politics and current issues in historical research. The dialogue was organised in cooperation with Tallinn University and with the support of the Finnish-Estonian Culture Foundation.At the dialogue meeting, the participants discussed research cooperation between the countries, the role of historiography and historians, and the processes of management of the past in Finland and Estonia. The historians also discussed current methods of historical research in Estonia and Finland.

According to the participants, the History Dialogue was a fruitful and effective method for exploring new perspectives and research topics in historical research. Historians felt that they had a unique opportunity to focus on listening, learning and generating new ideas together, as opposed to the typical academic seminar with its emphasis on presentations.

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