Sankt Joachimsthal / Jáchymov

Teaching and Learning Materials
PhD Tomáš Bouška, Mgr. Marcel Mahdal, Dr. Robert Maier; Joint German-Czech Textbook Commission

Lehrpfad „Die Hölle von Jáchymov“ 
Naučná stezka "Jáchymovské peklo"

[The Jáchymov Hell" educational trail]

This teaching module for the educational trail "The Hell of Jáchymov", which was redesigned in 2015, deals with the recent history of the mining town of St. Joachimsthal (Jáchymov in Czech) in the Bohemian part of the Ore Mountains. In the 20th century, uranium was mined there on a large scale. During the Cold War after the Second World War, forced labourers, mostly political prisoners of the communist regime in Czechoslovakia, had to mine the Jáchymov uranium. Czechoslovakia used it to supply the Soviet Union, which needed it to build nuclear weapons in the course of the arms race with the USA. The teaching module on the nature trail "The Hell of Jáchymov" takes up some of the stations on the nature trail and addresses the living and working conditions of the former uranium prisoners, the traces of uranium mining and the prisoners that are still visible today, and the commemoration/culture of remembrance of uranium mining and forced labour.

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