Recommendations on the development of cross-border history education resources

Steven Stegers, Catherine Savitsky; EuroClio | 2022

Though initiatives to create cross-border history education resources are becoming relatively more common, there are few opportunities for the authors and editors of these initiatives to exchange their experiences, or to give advice to other professionals who are heading out on the same track. Such initiatives often work in isolation from one another, and “reinvent the wheel” as they run into similar challenges and seek to find solutions. These recommendations aim to counteract this tendency, by compiling into one document the knowledge, ideas, and experiences of authors and editors of crossborder history education resources from across the globe, and thus to support future initiatives.

There is no single “correct” way of undertaking the difficult process of developing cross-border history education resources, but these recommendations aim to identify the challenges and offer potential solutions in the hope of easing the process for future initiatives.

These recommendations are the result of interviews and group knowledge-sharing meetings conducted since the 25th EuroClio Annual Conference in 2018 with a global group of authors, editors, and coordinators of cross-border history education resource development projects.

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[The description of the activity, individual projects and products is based on the content of the Initiative's website.]

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