The Standing Conference of Austrian and Czech Historians on Common Cultural Heritage

Die Ständige Konferenz österreichischer und tschechischer Historiker zum gemeinsamen kulturellen Erbe (SKÖTH)
Stálá konference českých a rakouských historiků ke společnému kulturnímu dědictví (SKČRH)


The "Permanent Conference of Austrian and Czech Historians on the Common Cultural Heritage" is engaged in the research of the common history of the two Central European countries - Austria and the Czech Republic. The Commission was launched on September 9, 2009 by the Foreign Ministers of the Czech Republic and Austria, Jan Kohout and Michael Spindelegger. The Commission aim is to reflect critically and from a distance on the intertwined historical and social events of both countries and thus to strengthen the awareness of the common heritage among the public of both countries by means of critical reflection on their history. The Commission regularly publishes the products of its work and organizes scientific conferences. In 2014, the Commission initiated the project of an Austrian-Czech history book.



Czech Republic, Austria


since 2009



Results of Activity


[The description of the activity, individual projects and products is based on the content of the Initiative's website.]

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