Memories in boxes

Natalia Omelchuk; Ukrainian Feminist Network

"Memories in Boxes" – is a history and culture integration course for children and adults who found themselves in Warsaw as a result of forced displacement after February 24, 2022. The course is based on the global history concept which shows Ukraine as a part of global and European history. The project was founded on February 28, 2023.

The motto of the project: 
“Today, personal belongings of many Ukrainians are stored in boxes, waiting for the moment we return home, pick them off the shelves, unpack them and reminisce about warm moments while looking at photos or souvenirs. For some Ukrainians, these are priceless tangible connections to homes that no longer exist. When we explore our belongings, we immerse ourselves in memories of our own stories. Similarly, after visiting the museum's exhibition, we usually open a box of memories from Ukraine and reflect on what was happening in the territory of modern Ukraine during that period, considering which processes were shared and which were unique. We find replicas of the most famous historical artifacts, ornaments, and documents in the project's box. These items were custom-made for the project by professional reconstructors." 

Stages of course creation: 
1. Familiarization with the collection of Warsaw Museums
2. Analysis of the school curriculum
3. Selection of museums or museum expeditions relevant to the course topics for studying common historical periods
4. Development of the program
5. Group formation

1. Excursion part: A lecture by a museum research staff member or a course instructor. This part is an interactive experience rather than passive listening. Here, the participant's initiative is the key.
2. Practical part in the museum exposition: Working with maps, exploring the exhibition, opening memory boxes (containing items relevant to the epoch), and using the workbook designed for the course. In this manner, through textual analysis and quest-like tasks, we aim to recreate people's past lives and understand their experiences from their perspective.
3. Discussion/ debates: Discussion of the socio-political processes of the period, identification of commonalities and differences in life on Central and Eastern Europe territory.

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