"Lessons of War and Holocaust - Lessons of Tolerance"

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History of the Holocaust ("Catastrophe", "Shoah"), which became one of the greatest tragedies in human history, is part of the history of Europe and Ukraine. "The Shoah fundamentally challenged the foundations of civilization. The unprecedented character of the Holocaust will always hold universal meaning" - states the Stockholm Declaration of 2000. During the Stockholm Forum it was decided to recommend the Holocaust Studies to the countries of the Council of Europe and Ukraine became the first country in the former Soviet Union that integrated the Holocaust history course to school history education. Since 2011 Ukraine  marks International Holocaust Remembrance Day at the state level.

Ukraine suffered the greatest losses during World War II. That is why we appeal to citizens, public organizations and state bodies of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and other countries to join 12 International Creative Works Contest for Pupils, Students and Teachers "Lessons of War and Holocaust - Lessons of Tolerance". This competition on the base of understanding the lessons of history should promote ideas of humanism and tolerance, rejection of chauvinistic and xenophobic ideologies, violence and totalitarian ideology.

The purpose of the competition: is to involvement of schoolchildren, teachers, students and postgraduate students in studying and research, teaching modern history, learning the importance of the lessons of the history of war and the Holocaust, and understanding of these lessons for understanding the problems of contemporary society, the need to create an atmosphere of humanism and tolerance. The competition is open to representatives of Ukraine and other countries: students in grades 8-11 of schools, gymnasiums, and lyceums; teachers of general education institutions; class teachers and organisers of educational work in general education institutions; such as students and postgraduate students.

This year's edition: Application and work deadline: 15 August 2023. Summing up the results, awarding the winners and laureates of the competition will take place 29 September-01 October 2023.






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