The Joint Bulgaria-North Macedonia's Commission

Joint Multidisciplinary Expert Commission for Historiographical and Educational matters between the Republic of North Macedonia and the Republic of Bulgaria

The Commission is created by the governments of the R. of North Macedonia and the R. of Bulgaria, and it functions in their respective Ministries of Foreign Affairs. In terms of its actual work, the members of the Commission work independently. The commission meets several times per year in Skopje or Sofia. The task of the Commission is to open and discuss painful or controversial historical questions that are important in both countries, especially in terms of education and remembrance, and finally to reach and write recommendations to both governments with specific ideas how to overcome those difficulties. The main objective is to propose adequate solutions to controversial spots in historical narratives in both countries, with the hope that they are later on implemented in the educational system, as well as to identify several occasions (historical events or figures) for joint celebration between the two countries. On the longterm, the objective is to contribute to a significant amelioration in the way the past is used in education and politics of memory, so that it can advance the peaceful and good relations between the two countries.


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Bulgaria, North Macedonia


since 2018


Co-president form Macedonian side: Prof. Dr. Dragi Gjorgiev:  gjorgiev.dragi(at)

[The description of the activity, individual projects and products is based on the content of the Initiative's website.]


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