Second Belgrade History Teaching Symposium

The Second Belgrade History Teaching Symposium "History and memory culture for Europe: 60 years of Franco-German cooperation - Inspiration for cooperation in South-Eastern Europe and contribution to European unity?" will be held in Belgrade from 23-24 March 2023.

Participants of the second Belgrade History Education symposium will be discussing 60 years of Franco-German cooperation as contribution to European unity and identify how far it can be an inspiration for multilateral cultural cooperation in South-Eastern Europe.

One part of the symposium will include a workshop (two panels) for educational experts, including history teachers, academics, curricula designers and history students from the Faculty of Philosophy University of Belgrade. The conclusions of the two-day workshop will be used to further develop history education and teaching in view of lessons from the Franco-German, Swiss, Polish, Irish, Cypriot, other South-Eastern and other European practices.

The guiding question is about the role of history education in post-conflict settings as a potential agent in the process of building peace and European unity. Another important aspect of history teaching, within the reference framework of competences for democratic culture, is enhancing education for democracy, diversity, and respect of human rights in inclusive and dynamic societies of 21st century that face different societal and political challenges.

The information was taken from the organizer's website.

Conference details and programme (PDF)

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