Rethinking Ukraine and Europe: New Challenges For Historians

The International Congress “Rethinking Ukraine and Europe: New Challenges For Historians” will be held in Vilnius on September 15-17, 2023.

More than 250 historians from different countries will discuss the development of a new narrative on the history of Ukraine and the entire Central-Eastern European region. The Congress aims to focus the discussion on the development of a new narrative on the history of Ukraine and the entire Central and Eastern European region and to consider the role of educational media in this process.

EFREC, the German-Polish Textbook Commission and the Ukrainian-Polish Textbook Commission will organise a panel on the topic "How to teach the history of Ukraine and the Ukraine-Lithuania-Belarus region? Old and new textbooks on the history of the region", in which the German-Polish history textbook "Europa - Unsere Geschichte / Europa. Nasza historia" and EFREC will be presented. Members of the Commissions as well as other actors of bilateral initiatives in the field of school education from Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania and Belarus will be invited to discuss teaching practice based on bilaterally developed educational media (especially in the German-Polish and Polish-Ukrainian context).

Participation in the Congress also provides an opportunity to learn about grant programmes and meet representatives of foundations that sponsor international projects in the field of historical research. The program schedule of the event is designed for 2,5 working days. The Congress will be opened by a keynote lecture delivered by a prominent British historian and expert in the early modern European history, Professor Robert I. Frost from the University of Aberdeen.

On the organizer's website you will find more information about the programme and registration.

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